4-day Perimenopause Transformation 

Lucy leads you, step by step through her FREE

4-day course where you will learn that you can   take control of perimenopause and feel like you again. 

You can go through perimenopause smoothly!


➡️Day one

Way to reduce stress. The importance of looking after your adrenals in you your 40s.  Creating the hormone DHEA to prepare your adrenals to take over the production of hormones you need when your ovaries begin to shut down.

➡️Day two

How to rid excessive estrogen from your body.  How the hormones Estrogen and Progesterone work and help you function everyday.

➡️Day three

The power of a good night’s sleep.  How sleep revitalizes you and helps you to lose weight. Restores and repairs your body ready for the next day.

➡️Day Four

Your values.  What do they mean to you?  How hormones help you in perimenopause.


Be you again


Sleep like a baby


Take care of yourself

Close your eyes and see you future self what is she saying to you?

She is encouraging and has simple profound advice to create a first class life for you.  She wants you to believe tweak and know you can up grade.